The movement towards an image isn't but the movement towards what it represents. The image represents that which is hidden; it escapes far beyond itself, it rebels to immediate accessibility.

Image representations may be obscure, veiled, and ambiguous, capable of creating structures of mystery. Trapping the thoughts and emotions of the viewer… The more the ambiguity, the meaning loses its sharpness and it becomes indecisive; pushing us into allusive modalities of potential sense.

Images take us beyond assured identification, they keep us in the dark face of different possible meanings. Do we always obtain the same perception the artist is trying to convey?

From this conception, the surplus of meaning is to disturb the perception of the image, to mobilize the quality of different points of views of the same image, to operate on the conjunction of time between the duration of the image and the "here and now".

The space is discontinuous, heterogeneous, crossed by the tension of the quest, punctuated by a series of thresholds to pass and surpass.

The transition from the outside into the depth of the images is replayed constantly, we are absorbed into a fuller depth, the utmost interior. We are dragged from an order of reality to another, where the ambivalence coefficient associates the positive and the negative.

It is a lasting trace of ephemeral ritual. It is about conjunction.

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